These are just some of the fabulous compliments my clients have given me. I feel blessed and honored to have worked with some very wonderful women.
I first became familiar with Karen through her beautiful and inspiring blog, My Desert Cottage, where I admired her crafty skills, friendly tone and gorgeous vintage finds. I was envious of the beautiful world she had created on her page using her own distinctive, creative touches to bring it to life so was intrigued to watch the video she posted in which she talked about Valentine Design.  Once I'd come across the Valentine Design page itself I knew immediately that when the time came Karen would be my blog designer of choice!  From our very first few emails Karen was professional, knowledgeable and patient.  We chatted later on using Skype to narrow down colours, themes and ideas for my layout and it felt like having a chat over a cup of tea with a friend - the added bonus being the bucket load of ideas and suggestions we exchanged.  Being a complete novice with the blog design process I had several changes of heart over look and feel and Karen was reassuring, full of creative alternatives and seemed genuinely determined to come up with the right layout for me.  I am thrilled with the finished product and working with Valentine Design was an incredibly positive experience; I would recommend Karen without hesitation!'

"After trying several months to find a blog designer ( all of which were either cost prohibitive or had waiting lists of at least 6 months), I finally ran across the creative genius of Karen Valentine.  She doesn't require the typical impersonal questionnaire, but rather offered a personal one-on-one consultative environment to help translate my vision.  Karen became an immediate caring friend who went above and beyond my expectations in the development of my blog. She made the process fun with her ideas and her prices are so reasonable.  It was such a wonderful and easy experience that I had her design a second blog for me!   If you want the best blog designer on the web, hire Karen at Valentine Design."

We found Karen Valentine from advertising on several blogs we follow. We were struggling for a year to create a blog with the right look to coincide with our new business. We contacted Karen and she called us within 24 hours to talk and go through what we were looking for.  In 30 minutes on the phone, 3 emails, and 7 pictures she designed the perfect blog for us. It’s better than I could have imagined, and within the first day of posting on our new blog design we obtained 4 new followers.  I appreciated the enthusiasm and personal attention she gave my business partner and I.  My partner and I are not totally comfortable on the computer and she took us through it with baby steps. I strongly recommend the e book to follow up. It’s very thorough and helped me with all the new gadgets we have on our new blog.

Whenever I would visit a new blog and found I was drawn to it, I found that the beauty was created by "Valentine Design". I clicked on the link and knew I found just what I wanted. Every blog that I loved was designed by Karen who takes the time to connect with her clients on the phone and really "listens" to what you want to reflect. Karen takes that extra step that is "rare" in today's busy world and she is like no other! I not only found the perfect Blog Designer but a friend and that in its self is a "Gift"! Karen actually Installs your blog for you and if that is a challenge for you like it was for me that is a real bonus along with being affordable! I would love to be able to have her Create one for every Holiday! Karen is "The Best" by far! 

When choosing a Blog designer you have many choices. I researched a lot of blog designers before I made Valentine Design my choice. I chose Karen, because I wanted a unique look to my blog, not a cookie cutter of everyone else. From the first consultation Karen was friendly and professional. We discussed my goals for my blog now, and in the future.  She responded quickly to my emails, and finished the “remodel” sooner than she originally quoted me. Her suggestions for my blog were spot on!  She took my plain looking blog and turned it in to a piece of art! I have received so many compliments on the new look of my blog! Thanks to Karen, my blog is now organized and has a soft, beautifully cohesive feel. Readers are now finding me on social media sites. And my followers list is growing! I highly recommend Karen’s work and professionalism!  I will work with Karen again as my blog grows to my future goals. Feel free to contact me with questions.
Thank you Karen!

Sherrie Grothe
"I had a blog for 2 years before meeting Karen.  After all that time, and all those posts, I only had 87 followers.  Then, I found Karen Valentine from blog hopping around, and I knew I had  to see if she could help me.
We chatted on the phone, and I didn't even know what to ask for!!!  She threw out some ideas for me to ponder, and when we spoke again, I was able to give her an idea of what I really wanted.  But her design was MORE than I had ever hoped for!  All of my ideas in my head, she put on this blog!  How could she know me so well?  I don't know, but she did and my new blog is a complete success!!  It's only been active for a month, and I already have 60 followers!  One month!!  Karen not only made me a blog that people WANT to see, but she also became my friend, and helped me every step of the way.

She is a fantastic person, and she charges such reasonable rates too.  I feel like I was charged too little for all that she gave me!  She said to me that pretty blogs bring more followers, and that is a fact!  I wonder how many followers I'll have after 2 months!!!"

"I decided to start a blog in December, and of course I wanted it to be gorgeous, but I didn't know a thing about blogging, much less designing one!!  One of the very first blogs I visited was "My Desert Cottage", hosted by Ms. Karen Valentine.  I LOVED her blog, her colors, and her shabby style.  I saw that she was designing blogs and I immediately contacted her!  "PLEASE make my blog gorgeous like yours!!" Well, she did all that and more!  Karen and I talked the day after I contacted her, and I had a gorgeous blog up and going in a matter of a few days!  Karen is knowledgable and professional, but not only that she is sweet and very willing to go above and beyond "business" to help!  Anyone who is remotely interested in starting a blog need look no further than Karen Valentine!  Not only will you have the most gorgeous of blogs...but you'll find a friend as well!  Thank you Karen!"

Margo Mohney
I recently was introduced to Karen of Valentine Design and I am so happy that I was. I loved her blog designs and called to have her help me with mine because I was at my wits end. Karen was professional and knew exactly what I needed. She did not try to sell me on a bunch of things I did not need she just matter of factly quoted a price and did the work. Everything was done before I knew it and I could not be happier with the way it turned out. Thank you so much Karen!
Deanna Lintner
We are brand new to the blogging world.  We found Karen Valentine of Valentine Design who came highly recommended.  After searching for the perfect blog design to match our store Karen really listened to what we wanted and delivered it perfectly. Not only did she design the perfect blog for us, but she also helped us get set up and comfortable with working on our blog. She was very patient and available when we had any trouble.  Thank you Karen!

"I can't thank Karen enough for making the vision of my blog a reality. The design is gorgeous and she incorporated all of the elements that I told her I loved and helped me make it my own style.  It was so easy to work with her over the phone and by email.  So many visitors to my blog recognize her beautiful work.  I really feel that your great design has opened doors for me as a new blogger. I can't thank her enough for the time and attention she devoted to each detail. So happy!"

Hello, my name is Julie but I go by Jules. I came to Karen in January 2011 because I really needed help with my blog. I knew that her design would be inviting, warm and homey. I first came across Karen's blog in the Fall of 2010 and fell in wasn't until later that I found that she designed! I just had to have her! LOL!
With our first phone call, I gave her some of my design likes and favorite things....she had a vision right away in her head and expressed them to me...there was nothing she said that I didn't like! It was awesome I tell you. I got super excited! With a 10 minute phone call she was able to design what you see on my blog in a matter of days. Karen just got me!! I even remember asking her to add on a couple things here and there when she had the general idea of my banner and background and she rocked it! I still can't get over the post dividers and the touch of flowers all over my name "The Jule Box".....just gorgeous!
Her ideas are great, she offers tons of ideas and she's affordable. I have already come back to her for upgrades and she has always been willing to work with me, I know I'll be coming back again! I've even seen a boost in followers to....I tell you, I really believe it's because of the inviting feeling and warmth of the whole design.  I appreciate you Karen, You ROCK!! and thanks:) 
xoxo Jules